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How do we achieve a healthy economy and a healthy environment?

Better energy

Join the Better Energy Community

This fall, we're excited to bring the Better Energy Community together for our biggest celebration of the year on September 29 in Minneapolis, MN. Joining us is our keynote speaker Nancy E. Pfund

Bob Inglis, Executive Director of republicEn.org will join Ms. Pfund for a discussion on harnessing market forces for a sustainable energy future.

Learn more about GPI and our impact in this video and find out how you can be part of our Energy Innovation Celebration by clicking here!

Trip to Germany yields valuable insights and exchange of ideas on energy and climate solutions.

GPI is working with local communities to certify as “solar-ready.”

JOIN US - and the Better Energy Community - to celebrate progress and energize for the future at the 2016 Great Plains Institute Energy Innovation Celebration!

Our Work

To transform the energy system, we strive for innovation in its component parts: production, distribution, and consumption. Our portfolio approach includes seven program areas:

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Our results are directly related to the size and depth of our growing partner network. We have worked with over 300 organizations representing a wide spectrum of energy stakeholders: utilities, government, industry, academics, regulators, and advocacy groups.

Success Stories

Realizing CO2-EOR’s full potential as a national environmental, economic, and energy security strategy.
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Helping cities achieve their sustainability goals through best practices.
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