How do we achieve a healthy economy and a healthy environment?

Better energy

What We Do

We take a pragmatic, non-partisan approach to solving our energy and climate change challenges – working with diverse interests to transform the way we produce, distribute, and consume energy to be both environmentally and economically sustainable. Through research and analysis, consensus policy development, technology acceleration and local action, we are leading the transition to clean, efficient, and secure energy.

Why do we
focus on energy?

Perhaps nothing impacts our quality of life, economic well-being, and the world our children will inherit more than the way we produce and consume energy.  That’s why GPI is working to transform the energy system to achieve a better future by maximizing cost-effective energy efficiency, significantly expanding renewable energy and responsibly deploying advanced technologies to reduce the carbon and environmental footprint of fossil fuels.

What Makes Us Unique?

We specialize in using consensus-building to discover and implement politically durable solutions to society’s most pressing energy challenges. Our unique and proven approach—Convene. Inform. Agree. Act.—enables us to find and foster common ground where none was thought possible. Rather than focusing on the points of difference among energy stakeholders, we identify areas of agreement and build on those to advance innovation in energy policy, technologies and practices. 

Do you and your community need funding to get an energy efficiency or renewable energy project off the ground? The Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) can help!

State fair offers fun learning experiences and opportunities to talk with local experts about clean energy resources.

New discussion guide provides unique way to engage utility customers.

To transform the energy system, we strive for innovation in its component parts: production, distribution, and consumption. Our portfolio approach includes seven program areas:

Our Partners

Our results are directly related to the size and depth of our growing partner network. We have worked with over 300 organizations representing a wide spectrum of energy stakeholders: utilities, government, industry, academics, regulators, and advocacy groups.

Success Stories

Realizing CO2-EOR’s full potential as a national environmental, economic, and energy security strategy.
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Helping cities achieve their sustainability goals through best practices.
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