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How do we achieve a healthy economy and a healthy environment?

Better energy

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Can the Iron Range be the best place in the world for the bioeconomy? What are the real numbers behind electric vehicles and carbon emissions? What do thought leaders see for our energy future? Not to mention the announcement of new Board member Doug Jaeger, CEO of Ulteig, and a celebration of small businesses leading the way towards meeting our energy efficiency goals. 

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Improvements in market rules and planning could yield sustained growth.

A front row seat to the legislative process changes a young professional's perspective.

Our Work

To transform the energy system, we strive for innovation in its component parts: production, distribution, and consumption. Our portfolio approach includes seven program areas:

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Our results are directly related to the size and depth of our growing partner network. We have worked with over 300 organizations representing a wide spectrum of energy stakeholders: utilities, government, industry, academics, regulators, and advocacy groups.

Success Stories

Realizing CO2-EOR’s full potential as a national environmental, economic, and energy security strategy.
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Helping cities achieve their sustainability goals through best practices.
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