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Post date: May 10, 2016

The workshops during the 2015-2016 GreenStep Workshop Series cover a wide range of topics that are important to cities, providing a wealth of information and resources. To access that information and the resources from the workshops check out their webinar recordings and PDFs of their presentations and additional resources on this page!
This blog will be updated monthly after each working with the resources from each workshop. To participate in the workshops live, click here, to sign up for upcoming GreenStep Workshops!

The 2015-2016 GreenStep Workshop series is made possible with generous funding from our workshop series sponsor:


Technical Assistance and Financial Opportunities for GreenStep Cities

In order to help cities complete GreenStep best practices we have put together an opportunities page that is a list of current funding and technical assistance opportunities open to cities. Check out the current opportunities at the GreenStep Cities Opportunities webpage:


September – GreenStep Cities Basics, Best Practices and Getting Started!  

September workshop presentations and resources:

October – Energy Measurement and Planning:

Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #1 Efficient Existing Public Buildings

October workshop resources:

October workshop presentations:

November – Integrating Land and Water Planning

Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #6 Comprehensive Plans – Action 3 | #10 Conservation Design – Actions 1, 4 & 5 | #17 Stormwater Management – Actions 2 & 3 | #19 Surface Water Quality – Action 4 | #29 Climate Adaptation, Community Resilience – Action 2

City opportunity from the November workshop :
Cities can participate with the MN Department of Natural Resources to redevelop the state’s sample shoreland ordinance, to learn more or sign up email Dan Petrik (

November workshop resources:

November workshop presentations:

December – Waste Water Plant Opportunities: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #20 Efficent Water and Wastewater Facilities | #26 Renewable Energy – Action 5: Install a public sector/municipally owned renewable energy technology

City opportunity from the December workshop :
The Minnesota Department of Commerce was awarded a Department of Energy grant to help increase energy efficiency in Minnesota municipal wastewater treatment plants and scope opportunities for onsite power generation. As part of this three-year project, Commerce, the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will:
-Help wastewater facilities lower operating costs through improved energy efficiency.
-Provide up-to-date information to help facilities and city staff make informed decisions.

December workshop resources:

December workshop presentations:

January – Step 4 Launch & Metrics:


January workshop resources:

January workshop presentations:


February – Risk, Resilience & Adaptation:

Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #29 Climate Adaptation and Community Resilience

February workshop resources:

February workshop presentations:


March – Stormwater Meets Living Streets:


Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #11 Living Streets | #17 Stormwater Management | #29 Climate Adaptation and Community Resilience

There were technical issues during the recording process which caused a portion of the recording to lose audio, we apologize for these issues.

March workshop resources:

March workshop presentations:


April – Building ReUse, Rehab and Repurposing:


Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #5 Building Redevelopment: Action 1 & Action 3

April workshop resources:

April workshop presentations:


May – Transit Assistance Options:


Relevant GreenStep Best Practices: #12 Transportation: Action 7

May workshop Resources:

May workshop presentations: