GreenStep Cities Workshop Resources: 2017-2018 Series

The GreenStep Workshops address a variety of topics related to GreenStep Cities best practices. Workshops are held on the first Wednesday of every month from September to May, usually at the League of Minnesota Cities building in Saint Paul (also available via webinar). Resources from the 2017-2018 workshop series - including PDFs of the workshop presentations and handouts - are available below.

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The 2016-2017 GreenStep Workshop series is made possible with generous funding from the McKnight Foundation and our workshop co-sponsor, Siemens:


  To learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Abby Finis.

February - Water Quality


February workshop presentations and resources

Presentation: Part One

Presentation: Part Two

Presentation: Part Three

Presentation: Part Four

Link: MPCA Salt and Water Quality Website

Link: MPCA Winter Maintenance Assessment Tool (WMAt)

Handout: MN Green Corps

Handout: MN GreenStep Cities 

Handout: Salt and Water Quality Fact Sheet


January - Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Comunities


January workshop presentations and resources

Presentation: Part 1

Presentation: Part 2

Presentation: Part 3

Presentation: Part 4

Presentation: Part 5

Handout: Department of Administration EV (Larry Herke)

Handout: EV GHG's (Drive Electric) 

Handout: MN PEV Current Models

Handout: EV FAQ

Link: EV Spreadsheet (Mehjabeen Rahman)

Link: State Contract for Electric Vehicles (Fran Crotty)

Link: NJPA Flyer

Link: City of Minneapolis Electric Vehicle Study

Link: Air Quality and Traffic (Fran Crotty)

Link: Traffic Map (Fran Crotty)

Link: EV Fleet Groups, National Auto Fleet Group (Mike Domin)

Link: 100% Electric Vans, Zenith-Motors (Mike Domin)

Link: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Vendors (Mike Domin)

Link: Join NJPA (Mike Domin)

Link: Register for the Green Truck Summit


December - Benchmarking Wastewater Treatment Plants


December workshop presentations and resources

Tracy Hodel - Presentation

Scott Warner - Presentation

Cheri Schneider - Presentation

Jon Vanyo - Presentation

MNTAP Handout

Link to New B3 Benchmarking WWTP Capabilities


November - Energy & Climate Data and Action Planning


November workshop presentations and resources

Presentation Part 1

Presentation Part 2


October - Waste Management & Reduction


October workshop presentations and resources: 

Solid Waste & Recycling Presentations

Organics Recycling Outreach Guide

MN GreenStep Cities Best Practice Page

Model City-Hauler Contract

MPCA Recycling Web Pages


September - Community Engagement



September workshop presentations and resources: 

Community Engagement Presentations

Green Teams Handout

Rosemount Youth Advisory Commission By-Laws Handout

GreenStep Welcome Guide

GreenStep Best Practice Action: Youth Involvement

iMatter Web Page