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In the Fall of 2014, the Great Plains Institute was chosen through a competitive process by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to take the lead on bringing Drive Electric Minnesota to the next level. GPI is already at work kicking off a new phase for this formerly State-run program.

Drive Electric Minnesota's mission is to: 

Encourage the deployment of electric vehicles and the establishment of plug-in charging infrastructure in Minnesota through public-private partnerships, financial incentives, education, technical support, and public policy. Advance electric vehicle deployment to reduce transportation costs, improve air quality and create energy independence for Minnesotans.


GPI is working with a great group of partners in both the public and private sectors to continue the work started by MPCA and to initiate a new set of projects to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles and plug-in charging infrastructure in Minnesota.


Zero Emission Charging Challenge

Drive Electric Minnesota is continuously working to connect more charging stations with renewable energy. Check out the interactive map below to find a zero emission charging station near you.

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Bills in play would help electrify Minnesota's transportation system

Legislation will make it easier to benefit from the increasing variety of plug-in electric vehicles.

Update: MN Plug-in Vehicle Rebate Program Advances

A bill to create a new state rebate program for plug-in vehicles continues to advance in the Minnesota legislature. The bill has passed the house floor, and is entering the conference committee process.

A Win-Win for Electric Vehicles: Zero Emission Charging Challenge

New interactive map helps electric vehicle owners in Minnesota connect with zero emission charging stations and meet the Zero Emission Charging Challenge.


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