GPI Annual Report - A Year of Unprecedented Momentum Toward a Better Energy Future


Post date: February 10, 2016

This past year marked unprecedented global momentum toward a better energy future – momentum you can actually see and feel as we transition to an energy system that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Not only did the world come together for the first time to forge an historic agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions right on the heels of a powerful Encyclical from the Pope, but we also witnessed solar and wind prices continue to fall and a growing number of cities and businesses pursue ambitious clean energy goals.

The Great Plains Institute’s (GPI) unique, consensus-based approach is needed now more than ever to take advantage of this growing momentum and make the transition to a truly sustainable energy system a reality - and do so in a meaningful timeframe. Reinventing our energy system cannot be the province of a few.

At GPI, we know the power of bringing diverse interests together to create lasting energy and climate solutions - it is what we’ve done for nearly two decades.

In the last year, we worked with our network of partners to pass world-class bioenergy legislation, reduce the implementation costs of solar, and support deployment of other game-changing energy technologies. We produced insightful analysis and shared best practices; we fostered all-too-rare cross-sector dialogue on critical energy and climate issues and did it in ways that led to new solutions that no single interest would come to on their own.

As we head into 2016, we look forward to working with our incredible network of partners and supporters to build on the growing momentum and achieve a better energy future together.

Our work is made possible entirely by our partners and funders. From all of us at GPI, thank you for putting your shoulder to the wheel with us!

Download our full Annual Report here to learn more about our impact over the last year.