Amanda Bilek Recognized by Biomass Magazine as a 'Biogas Bolsterer'


GPI congratulates our own Amanda Bilek, who manages GPI's government affairs and has a deep background in bioenergy, for being recognized as a 'Biogas Bolsterer' by Biomass Magazine.  The magazine has recognized four exceptional business leaders who have made notable contributions to the evolving biogas industry. 

The magazine discusses Amanda's work to advance the biogas and biomass industry, including her previous appointment by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to the state's Next Generation Energy Board. 

"What has really gotten me excited about biogas over my entire career is that it has a wonderful ability to meet a variety of different uses for energy," Bilek tells Biomass Magazine. It is a very exciting and dynamic fuel that is incredibly underutilized in the U.S."

We are so fortunate to have Amanda at the Institute. She exemplifies what GPI aspires to be, a place where the best and brightest come to apply their talents toward a better world.

In addition to Amanda, Biomass Magazine also recognized Mel Kurtz, President of Quasar Energy Group, Joshua Rapport, head of R&D at CleanWorld Partners, and Patrick Serfass, Executive Director of the American Biogas Council.

You can read the article at Biomass Magazine by clicking here.