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Event Preview: Road Map to Decarbonization in the Midcontinent

July 20, 2018 in Carbon Management Author: Jennifer Christensen

What if policy makers had a road map for decarbonizing the energy system? In the Midcontinent region of the US, a group of stakeholders including investor-owned utilities, merchant power companies, electric cooperatives, environmental groups, and state regulators has begun development of such a road map for decarbonization by 2050.

The stakeholder group, called the Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborative, is releasing the first part of the road map which focuses on decarbonizing the electricity sector. An event to release and discuss the road map will take place on July 24, 2018 in Milwaukee, WI.

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Tribal Nations Leading on Sustainability Join Unique Pilot Program

July 19, 2018 in Communities Author: Kristin Mroz

A solar air heating system located at the Leech Lake Department of Natural Resources 

This is a guest blog post by Kristin Mroz, local government coordinator with the Environmental Quality Board which is an official partner of the GreenStep Cities and Tribal Nations program. Kristin’s role supports the needs of local and tribal governments and assists with coordinating efforts by state agencies to support communities in climate and sustainability actions.    Continue reading »

Understanding Your City’s Energy Resources

July 18, 2018 in Communities Author: Brian Ross

The Great Plains Institute is working with cities, counties, and regional governments to routinely incorporate energy planning into local policies, plans, and regulations. To address local energy issues, local governments must first understand community energy use and anticipate how energy resources, markets, and technologies evolve over time. Continue reading »

Update: Momentum Builds on Carbon Capture with Major Announcements on Projects and Leadership Efforts

July 10, 2018 in Carbon Management Author: Jennifer Christensen

Earlier this year, landmark legislation which expands and reforms the 45Q tax credit for carbon capture and storage projects was signed into law. The legislation, titled the FUTURE Act, received broad bipartisan support in Congress from governors and other state leaders and a diverse coalition of industry, labor, and environmental supporters.   Continue reading »

Carbon Capture Deployment Initiatives Announced to Spur Infrastructure

June 19, 2018 in Carbon Management, News & Press Author: Brad Crabtree

JACKSON HOLE (WY) – A new effort to promote broad-scale deployment of infrastructure for carbon capture, CO2 pipelines, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), other forms of geologic storage, and beneficial utilization of CO2 in the Northern Plains/Rockies and Midwest regions was announced by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and Montana Governor Steve Bullock today as part of CO2NNECT 2018. Continue reading »

“Smart” Charging Electric Vehicles with Solar at the Greenway Building

May 25, 2018 in Transportation & Fuels Authors: Dane McFarlane, Katelyn Bocklund, Matt Prorok

Electricity systems are increasingly becoming interactive and dynamic, opening up opportunities for energy technologies to “talk” to each other and create numerous benefits for energy consumers (e.g., increased efficiency, lower costs, and reduced emissions). This opportunity is one that GPI and our partners are exploring through the combination of electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy.
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