A New Approach to Small Business Energy Efficiency

Business advocates, rather than energy advocates, might be the key to unlocking energy efficiency in the small business sector.

Collaboration on Utility Regulation and Grid Modernization in Minnesota Recognized by Regional and National Media

Media highlights efforts by stakeholders to address changes in the electricity system.

e21 Forum Convenes Stakeholders to Explore Consumer-Centric Rates and Performance-Based Compensation

Over 50 people gathered in Minnesota to discuss important issues facing the electric sector.

Event Celebrates Energy Efficiency, Equity for Small Businesses

Collaborative effort engages utility customers that are often difficult-to-reach.

Getting a good deal: solar garden subscriptions for local governments

A guide to the most common questions about solar gardens for local governments in Minnesota

How a New Project Seeks to Reduce Barriers to Solar in Greater Minnesota

The project helps communities become “open for solar business.”

Neighborhood Leaders in Minneapolis Learn About Community Solar Gardens

Over 70 neighborhood leaders gathered at Mayflower Church in Minneapolis on Thursday, April 30th to learn about community solar gardens, including key considerations and specific roles for neighborhoods.

Press Event Highlights Opportunities for Small Business Energy Savings

Wells Fargo supports GPI’s Metro CERT program by presenting a “big check” for the Small Business Energy Coaches project.

Report Documents First-Ever Collaborative Procurement of Solar Garden Subscriptions by Group of Local Governments

Community solar projects facilitate collaborative action by local governments in Minnesota.

Trevor and Abby Chat Solar Gardens

Trevor and Abby help make sense of the community solar garden landscape in Minnesota.