Bringing National Solar Resources to Midwest Communities

GPI is working with local communities to certify as “solar-ready.”

Creating “Solar-Ready” Communities

Helping communities engage in the rapidly growing market for solar energy.

How Duluth's New Mapping Tool Helps Predict Solar Energy Potential

App translates statewide solar energy data into a predictive model for solar energy production.

Making your city "EV ready"

As cities look to capitalize on the opportunity that electric vehicles (EVs) can bring, they also must lay the groundwork for their communities to become ‘EV ready’.

Minnesota Solar Pathways Grant to Advance Solar Energy Progress

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has been awarded a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to increase solar deployment.

Minnesota Solar Toolkit for Local Governments Wins the “Innovation in Planning Award”

The award was given by the Minnesota Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Minnesota’s Stearns County provides a unique national example of a ‘solar-ready’ community

The county is well on its way to achieving designation as one of the leading counties in the nation on solar energy best practices.

New Program Offers Solar Development Technical Assistance for Local Communities

National program helps communities capture solar development opportunities.

Solar Energy & Communities: Unlocking Economic Benefits by Putting a Value on Solar Resources

By transforming perspectives, communities can assess and realize the full potential of developing their solar resources.