GreenStep Cities Introduces New Resilience Best Practice

Helping cities prepare for a changing climate with the launch of a new best practice.

How carbon disclosure platforms can help cities translate commitments into action

Global carbon disclosure platforms offer cities established standards and protocols to help them track progress and identify opportunities to have a greater impact.

Klimaschutz Part II: Doing Is Believing

Trip to Germany yields valuable insights and exchange of ideas on energy and climate solutions.

Klimaschutz: Learning from International Partners for Local Action

Trip to Germany yields opportunities for collaboration.

Measuring the impact of GreenStep Cities

What we've learned from the past seven years of cities taking and reporting action on sustainability and quality-of-life goals.

Planning for the "New Normal"

The way we planned for building our cities in the past will be inadequate for the future, making resilience planning essential.

Trevor and Abby Chat Solar Gardens

Trevor and Abby help make sense of the community solar garden landscape in Minnesota.

Woodbury Business Leaders Join ENERGY STAR for Kick-Off

Event demonstrates a growing interest among building owners in pursuing energy efficiency goals.