Analysis: Electric Vehicles Pay Their Fair Share in State Taxes

Recent tax policy analysis by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) for Drive Electric MN found that electric cars pay just as much or more taxes as comparable gasoline vehicles.

Analysis: Electric Vehicles Provide Even Greater GHG Reductions in 2017 and Beyond for the Upper Midwest

An update to GPI's 2016 analysis that shows increasing GHG reductions provided by electric vehicles.

Demand Response in a Resource Constrained World

The third in a series of blog posts on demand response in the Midwest.

Differences in Demand Response Markets

Electricity market differences between electric transmission regions can have a significant impact on the utilization of demand response resources.

Electric Vehicles Provide Large GHG Reductions in Minnesota

GPI draws on the GREET Lifecycle Model to analyze carbon intensity of EVs.

How Duluth's New Mapping Tool Helps Predict Solar Energy Potential

App translates statewide solar energy data into a predictive model for solar energy production.

Map of Demand Response Potential in the US

For this final blog post in our series on Demand Response (DR), we present a map about demand response potential and utilization in the US.

New Fact Sheet Series on Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) is an important component of a clean energy system, and we currently have an underutilized DR asset in the Midwest. We are pleased to announce the release of a new fact sheet series focused on demand response.

New Legacy Fund Analysis Shows Long-Term Prudent Management Can Double or Triple Fund Balance

North Dakota faces a critical juncture as the state looks to address funding challenges.

New Transmission to Expand Midwestern Wind Power

GPI worked with MISO to develop a new portfolio of transmission that will aid new wind development and reduce GHGs from fossil fuels.

Partnering with Argonne National Lab on Video Tutorials

GPI collaborates with national lab to produce video series on lifecycle GHG assessment.

The Environmental Benefits of Demand Response

The second in a series of blog posts on demand response in the Midwest.

Visiting Unique Concentrated Solar Power Facility in the Desert

Part 3 of GPI's Renewable Energy and Storage Road Trip