A Quarter of the U.S. Senate Comes Together for Bipartisan Support of Carbon Capture Legislation

Legislation attracts strong support in the Senate and from industry, labor, NGO, and state government leaders.

Collaboratory Report: Pathways to Action on Energy Game Changers in Minnesota

Leaders gather to accelerate innovation on energy and climate game changers in Minnesota.

Eight Questions on Energy: Featuring Ken Smith, President and CEO of Ever-Green Energy

Smith shares his insights about maximizing the productivity of our energy system, decarbonizing the economy, and pursuing practical and economical solutions.

Eight Questions on Energy: Featuring Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners

Ms. Pfund shares her energy bucket list, thoughts on the future of energy, and much more.

GPI Staff Picks for Fall: What We’re Reading, Listening to, and Watching

From podcasts to the latest analysis, check out what we’re interested in right now.

GPI Staff Picks for Winter: What We’re Reading, Listening To, and Watching

From podcasts to the latest analysis, check out what we’re interested in right now.

Initiative Aims to Reinvent Utility Industry the Minnesota Way

In-depth article from E&E Publishing's EnergyWire takes a look at the e21 Initiative.

Mapping Tool Assists Long-Term Transmission Planning

A new mapping tool, called the EISPC EZ Mapping Tool, is helping to plan transmission infrastructure in the Eastern Interconnect.

New legislation would increase oil production & reduce carbon emissions

Legislation will benefit the environment and economy, drive innovation in energy technology, and increase energy security.

New Report from DOE-sponsored Workshop on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Infrastructure

Report shares key findings from state and national experts and decision-makers.

Q&A on Performance-Based Regulation with Energy Innovation's Sonia Aggarwal

A conversation to help understand this alternative to traditional utility regulation.

Senators come together to achieve a win for energy security, the environment, and the economy

Bi-partisan carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) legislation will help initial projects get across the finish line and into commercial operation.

The Pathway to Commercializing CCS

The fate of coal generation hinges on successful commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

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