2015 Minnesota Legislative Session Recap: Bioeconomy Edition

A new financing program for advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and biomass thermal is now law. Get the final details on the program now that the legislature has adjourned.

Bills in play would help electrify Minnesota's transportation system

Legislation will make it easier to benefit from the increasing variety of plug-in electric vehicles.

Bioeconomy Bill Advances in MN Legislature

A bill establishing a production incentive program for advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, and biomass heat was recently heard in the MN legislature.

Bioeconomy Bill Introduced in the Minnesota Legislature

The bill will help establish an advanced biofuel and renewable chemicals industry in Minnesota.

Cellulosic ethanol from corn residue worse than Gasoline? NOT…SO…FAST…

A new academic paper on biofuels was released this week, and some media outlets have reached sweeping conclusions.

Developing Pathways for a Sustainable Biomass Supply

Biomass utilization presents a large opportunity for clean energy projects, but responsible management will be essential to assure project sustainability.

Electric Vehicles are Coming, and Minnesota Needs to Get Ready

An opportunity to move forward with broadly supported energy policy.

GPI Joins Sustainable Growth Coalition

GPI is excited to join leading Minnesota companies to advance a circular economy.

Growing the Bioeconomy: Austin Meeting Summary

Around 30 people braved slippery roads and sub-zero temperatures to discuss new policies to support investment in advanced biofuel and renewable chemical projects in Minnesota.

Making Lemonade from VW's Diesel Emissions Lawsuit

A lawsuit over diesel engines may end up being a catalytic event in moving towards a much lower emission transportation system.

Minnesota’s Battery Electric Vehicle Sales Beat the Odds in 2015

Sales rose significantly despite a challenging environment.

Mitigation is Not Enough

Greenhouse gas removal technologies are critical to achievement of climate targets.

Update: MN Plug-in Vehicle Rebate Program Advances

A bill to create a new state rebate program for plug-in vehicles continues to advance in the Minnesota legislature. The bill has passed the house floor, and is entering the conference committee process.

What’s the deal? Environmental and Bioindustry Agreement on Bioeconomy Bill

Environmental coalition throws weight behind amended bioeconomy bill in Minnesota.

Why the Iron Range Can Be the Best Place in the World for the Bioeconomy

Pitching the bioeconomy potential of Minnesota's Iron Range.