A look back at Drive Electric Week in Minnesota

The events provided engaging ways for people to experience EVs and learn about their many benefits.

Charging Up the Midwest

GPI recently partnered with several clean energy advocate organizations (Clean Fuels Ohio, Ecology Center, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Fresh Energy, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council) to form a campaign called Charge Up Midwest dedicated to increasing EV deployment in the Midwest.

Making your city "EV ready"

As cities look to capitalize on the opportunity that electric vehicles (EVs) can bring, they also must lay the groundwork for their communities to become ‘EV ready’.

Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborative tours General Motors’ Battery Lab

Tour provides unique opportunity to learn about the power behind electric vehicles.

Plug into Minnesota and electrify your next road trip up North

New EV chargers create an electric highway for drivers in the state.

Renewable Charging Options in Minnesota for Your Plug-in Electric Vehicle

Charging options enable Minnesota PEV drivers to achieve greater emission reductions.

The Midwest's First Electric School Bus is Coming to Minnesota

The new pilot will offer a perfect test of how electric buses perform in a cold climate.

Utilities, companies, and local governments discuss opportunities for collaboration on EVs in Minnesota

Additional voices broaden the conversation on how to increase EV adoption.