Cities Making Progress on Electric Vehicle Readiness Across Minnesota

September 25, 2018 in Communities Author: Diana McKeown

Twenty-eight cities across Minnesota are looking to the future and getting ready for broad adoption of electric vehicles 

Cities Charging Ahead! is a peer cohort of 28 cities working together across Minnesota to explore electric vehicle readiness. Participants receive technical assistance focused on actions and best practices, based on the GreenStep Cities program, that cities can implement to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles such as:   Continue reading »

Tribal Nations Leading on Sustainability Join Unique Pilot Program

July 19, 2018 in Communities Author: Kristin Mroz

A solar air heating system located at the Leech Lake Department of Natural Resources 

This is a guest blog post by Kristin Mroz, local government coordinator with the Environmental Quality Board which is an official partner of the GreenStep Cities and Tribal Nations program. Kristin’s role supports the needs of local and tribal governments and assists with coordinating efforts by state agencies to support communities in climate and sustainability actions.    Continue reading »

Understanding Your City’s Energy Resources

July 18, 2018 in Communities Author: Brian Ross

The Great Plains Institute is working with cities, counties, and regional governments to routinely incorporate energy planning into local policies, plans, and regulations. To address local energy issues, local governments must first understand community energy use and anticipate how energy resources, markets, and technologies evolve over time. Continue reading »

GreenStep Cities Workshop: May 2018

May 17, 2018 in Communities Author: Kristen Peterson

The May GreenStep Cities workshop focused on walkable cities and pedestrian planning. After Philipp Muessig (MPCA) introduced the topic and facilitated a round of introductions (00:00:20), Emily Smoak (MDH) discussed Pedestrian Plans, including sidewalk repair and snow clearing practices (00:17:43). Next, Max Musicant (Musicant Group) gave a presentation about Placemaking Successes (00:48:40), and Fay Simer (City of St. Paul) discussed her work as a full-time pedestrian coordinator (01:22:00). The workshop closed after some time for discussion and questions from the audience (01:50:28). Continue reading »

GreenStep Cities April Workshop

April 18, 2018 in Communities Author: Kristen Peterson

The April GreenStep Cities workshop focused on racial equity. Abby Finis (Great Plains Institute) introduced Gordon Goodwin, the Midwest Region Project Manager for the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE). Gordon gave a presentation about the importance of racial equity, facilitated a discussion with the audience, and described the work of GARE (2:00). Kevin Frazell and Danielle Cabot (League of Minnesota Cities) then gave an overview of LMC’s involvement with GARE and how LMC has begun to incorporate racial equity into its internal and external work (1:07:40 ). Continue reading »

How to Set Renewable Electricity Goals that Align with Community Priorities

March 27, 2018 in Communities Author: Abby Finis

Solar PanelCommunities can forge their own path to achieve a broad range of benefits from renewable electricity and efficiency by setting clear goals at the outset. Across the country cities are setting 100 percent renewable electricity goals. Is that the right goal for every community? It depends. For some communities, setting such a renewable electricity goal may be at odds with what a community actually wants to achieve. Continue reading »