New Fact Sheet Series on Demand Response

We are pleased to announce the release of a new fact sheet series focused on demand response. As we’ve written about in previous posts, technologies enabling demand response (DR) are an important component of a clean energy system, and we currently have an underutilized DR asset in the Midwest. DR involves reducing or shifting customer energy usage when the system is stressed. This could be during periods of high energy demand with not enough supply like on a hot summer day, or periods of low demand with too much supply, like during a night when the wind is blowing strongly.

GPI is working to promote demand response because it helps integrate variable renewable energy, improves energy efficiency, and offsets the need for building new conventional power plants. 

Specifically, GPI is working to build the market for DR in the Midwest by implementing reforms in the MISO markets that improve incentives and reduce barriers to participation by DR resources in the MISO markets. The specifics of these initiatives are discussed in the accompanying fact sheets. 


Click here to download first fact sheet, titled An Introduction to Demand Response.  Or, view the fact sheet below:


We will be releasing the rest of the series over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! The following list provides the fact sheet topics:

1.       An Introduction to Demand Response

2.       Environmental Benefits of Demand Response

3.       Demand Response in a Resource Constrained World

4.       Difference in Demand Response Markets

5.       Demand Response around the Midwest and United States (Map)

Our plan is to use these information sources to educate policy makers and stakeholders on the importance of ensuring we have the right market and regulatory structures in place for our region so that we can take advantage of the benefits DR can provide to a clean, modern electricity system.


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