Making your city "EV ready"

As cities look to capitalize on the opportunity that electric vehicles (EVs) can bring, they also must lay the groundwork for their communities to become ‘EV ready’.

Utilities, companies, and local governments discuss opportunities for collaboration on EVs in Minnesota

Additional voices broaden the conversation on how to increase EV adoption.

Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborative tours General Motors’ Battery Lab

Tour provides unique opportunity to learn about the power behind electric vehicles.

Plug into Minnesota and electrify your next road trip up North

New EV chargers create an electric highway for drivers in the state.

A look back at Drive Electric Week in Minnesota

The events provided engaging ways for people to experience EVs and learn about their many benefits.

Renewable Charging Options in Minnesota for Your Plug-in Electric Vehicle

Charging options enable Minnesota PEV drivers to achieve greater emission reductions.

The Midwest's First Electric School Bus is Coming to Minnesota

The new pilot will offer a perfect test of how electric buses perform in a cold climate.

Analysis: Electric Vehicles Provide Even Greater GHG Reductions in 2017 and Beyond for the Upper Midwest

An update to GPI's 2016 analysis that shows increasing GHG reductions provided by electric vehicles.

Charging Up the Midwest

GPI recently partnered with several clean energy advocate organizations (Clean Fuels Ohio, Ecology Center, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Fresh Energy, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council) to form a campaign called Charge Up Midwest dedicated to increasing EV deployment in the Midwest.

Analysis: Electric Vehicles Pay Their Fair Share in State Taxes

Recent tax policy analysis by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) for Drive Electric MN found that electric cars pay just as much or more taxes as comparable gasoline vehicles.

Eight Questions on Energy: Featuring Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners

Ms. Pfund shares her energy bucket list, thoughts on the future of energy, and much more.

What New Models from Chevy and Tesla Mean for the Future of EVs

Developments in EVs present exciting opportunities for consumers.

Making Lemonade from VW's Diesel Emissions Lawsuit

A lawsuit over diesel engines may end up being a catalytic event in moving towards a much lower emission transportation system.

Turning a New Leaf at National Drive Electric Week

Drive Electric MN and our new orange Leaf cover a lot of ground during National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week Comes to You

This year Drive Electric MN will be coming to community events all over the Minnesota.

Partnering with Argonne National Lab on Video Tutorials

GPI collaborates with national lab to produce video series on lifecycle GHG assessment.

Electric Vehicles are Coming, and Minnesota Needs to Get Ready

An opportunity to move forward with broadly supported energy policy.

Electric Vehicles Provide Large GHG Reductions in Minnesota

GPI draws on the GREET Lifecycle Model to analyze carbon intensity of EVs.

Minnesota’s Battery Electric Vehicle Sales Beat the Odds in 2015

Sales rose significantly despite a challenging environment.

National Drive Electric Week Kick-off a HUGE Success

Drive Electric Minnesota opens eyes about emissions-free transportation.

2015 Minnesota Legislative Session Recap: Bioeconomy Edition

A new financing program for advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and biomass thermal is now law. Get the final details on the program now that the legislature has adjourned.

Update: MN Plug-in Vehicle Rebate Program Advances

A bill to create a new state rebate program for plug-in vehicles continues to advance in the Minnesota legislature. The bill has passed the house floor, and is entering the conference committee process.

Bioeconomy Bill Prospects as MN Legislature Nears the Finish Line for 2015 Session

As the Minnesota legislature moves into the final weeks of the 2015 session here is quick rundown of the status of the Bioeconomy bill.

Bills in play would help electrify Minnesota's transportation system

Legislation will make it easier to benefit from the increasing variety of plug-in electric vehicles.

What’s the deal? Environmental and Bioindustry Agreement on Bioeconomy Bill

Environmental coalition throws weight behind amended bioeconomy bill in Minnesota.

GreenStep Cities workshop: Bike, Ped and Transit Options

November’s GreenStep Cities workshop was all about transit best practices, with a focus on the Complete Streets best practice.

Cellulosic ethanol from corn residue worse than Gasoline? NOT…SO…FAST…

A new academic paper on biofuels was released this week, and some media outlets have reached sweeping conclusions.

Growing the Bioeconomy: Austin Meeting Summary

Around 30 people braved slippery roads and sub-zero temperatures to discuss new policies to support investment in advanced biofuel and renewable chemical projects in Minnesota.

Infrastructure Critical to Biogas as Transportation Fuel

New infrastructure is needed to enable biogas as a vehicle fuel. Fortunately, the infrastructure needed for biogas is supported by the build out occurring for compressed natural gas (CNG).

Biogas as Transportation Fuel: A Strong Start

The use of biogas as a transportation is moving from vision to reality all across the US. Even though there are practical project examples, there is a still a large amount of untapped potential.