Batteries & the Grid: Three Things to Know from the Latest EIA Data

Increased understanding and experience are needed to develop and deploy this valuable, flexible resource.

MISO’s triennial review of regional transmission lines in the Midwest shows worthwhile investment

The new analysis describes how investments in multi-value projects deliver sizable benefits to the region.

e21 Forum Convenes Stakeholders to Explore Consumer-Centric Rates and Performance-Based Compensation

Over 50 people gathered in Minnesota to discuss important issues facing the electric sector.

Eight Questions on Energy: Featuring Ken Smith, President and CEO of Ever-Green Energy

Smith shares his insights about maximizing the productivity of our energy system, decarbonizing the economy, and pursuing practical and economical solutions.

Your Life Runs on It — and It Needs an Upgrade

It’s no wonder that the National Academy of Engineering named “electrification" the top engineering achievement of the 20th century.

Four Key Takeaways from Midwestern Leaders' Dialogue on Energy Storage & Grid Modernization

Regional dialogue provides an opportunity to soak up the collective knowledge of nation-leading experts on energy storage.

Local Economic Benefits of Wind Energy: An Empirical Investigation

An analysis to investigate the local economic effects of wind energy investment.

Collaboration on Utility Regulation and Grid Modernization in Minnesota Recognized by Regional and National Media

Media highlights efforts by stakeholders to address changes in the electricity system.

GPI and Midwestern Governors Association Partner for Energy Storage Webinar Series

Webinar series will tackle key questions for deployment of energy storage technologies.

MISO Energy Storage Market Reforms Possible with Utility Complaint to FERC

Update: FERC rules on complaint from Indianapolis utility files, which could lead to changes in MISO's energy storage market.

Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets Benefit Wind Energy Production

New analysis sheds light on the impact of wholesale electricity markets on wind power.

Great Northern Transmission Line Bringing Flexibility and Clean Energy to Northern Minnesota

The Great Northern Transmission Line is set to connect Minnesota Power to Manitoba Hydro, across the Canadian border.

Battery Tour Shows Minnesota Stakeholders a Cleaner, Quieter Future for the Electric System

GPI organized a tour for Minnesota stakeholders of Indianapolis Power & Light’s (IPL’s) Harding Street Station Battery Energy Storage System.

e21 Initiative Issues New Report

e21's Phase II report will enable Minnesota to continue its leadership in shaping an electric system for the 21st century.

New Transmission to Expand Midwestern Wind Power

GPI worked with MISO to develop a new portfolio of transmission that will aid new wind development and reduce GHGs from fossil fuels.

Midwestern Governor’s Association 6th Transmission Summit Draws Engaged Crowd

Transmission summit focuses on electric grid modernization, new technology, and future challenges and opportunities.

New GPI Report: Evaluating the Economics for Energy Storage in the Midcontinent

Market revenues plus projected cost reductions are key to the deployment of energy storage.

Tennant Co. Experiences the Power of Electric Vehicles!

Annual employee expo features an electric vehicle ride and drive.

EIA Outlook Study Shows Jump in Expected Renewables Development

Improvements in market rules and planning could yield sustained growth.

Transmission Done Right in the Upper Midwest

Multi-state project is an important example of institutional collaboration and success.

Electric Vehicles are Coming, and Minnesota Needs to Get Ready

An opportunity to move forward with broadly supported energy policy.

The 5 Things You Need to Know to Increase Electric Vehicle Sales 10X

Community promotion leads to huge boost in EV sales.

Q&A on Performance-Based Regulation with Energy Innovation's Sonia Aggarwal

A conversation to help understand this alternative to traditional utility regulation.

Energy Storage Technologies and Their Value to the Grid

How energy storage technologies translate to valued services for the grid.

What the Supreme Court Demand Response Decision Means for MISO

The Supreme Court’s ruling will likely have a heterogeneous effect across RTOs/ISOs.

Initiative Aims to Reinvent Utility Industry the Minnesota Way

In-depth article from E&E Publishing's EnergyWire takes a look at the e21 Initiative.

National Drive Electric Week Kick-off a HUGE Success

Drive Electric Minnesota opens eyes about emissions-free transportation.

GPI Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Road Trip

GPI takes a drive down the road to clean energy- conclusion: the future is bright

A Win-Win for Electric Vehicles: Zero Emission Charging Challenge

New interactive map helps electric vehicle owners in Minnesota connect with zero emission charging stations and meet the Zero Emission Charging Challenge.

Visiting Unique Concentrated Solar Power Facility in the Desert

Part 3 of GPI's Renewable Energy and Storage Road Trip

Cautious Optimism on Energy Storage

Part #2 of GPI's Renewable Energy and Storage Road Trip Series.

Renewable Energy & Storage Road Trip

The Great Plains Institute is taking a road trip.

111d Workshop Highlights Now Available

Hundreds gathered in Detroit and online to learn and discuss implementation options under EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Bills in play would help electrify Minnesota's transportation system

Legislation will make it easier to benefit from the increasing variety of plug-in electric vehicles.

Give wind a chance: new infrastructure needed to expand renewable energy

The MISO Badger-Coulee Multi-Value project in Wisconsin would lower electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrating clean, distributed energy resources (DER) into the electric grid requires updated market rules

It's time to update market rules to take advantage of the grid benefits of DER.

Map of Demand Response Potential in the US

For this final blog post in our series on Demand Response (DR), we present a map about demand response potential and utilization in the US.

Differences in Demand Response Markets

Electricity market differences between electric transmission regions can have a significant impact on the utilization of demand response resources.

Demand Response in a Resource Constrained World

The third in a series of blog posts on demand response in the Midwest.

The Environmental Benefits of Demand Response

The second in a series of blog posts on demand response in the Midwest.

New Fact Sheet Series on Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) is an important component of a clean energy system, and we currently have an underutilized DR asset in the Midwest. We are pleased to announce the release of a new fact sheet series focused on demand response.

Positive Developments in the Search for the Holy Grail of Renewable Energy

New developments across the country point to a promising path forward for energy storage.

Patching Up the Seams: Reducing Regional Obstacles in Electricity

Improving regional coordination of electricity markets & resource planning is critical to meet energy & environmental challenges.

Summit Highlights: Champions of Transmission

Midwestern leaders discuss potential actions that states, utilities, and grid operators can take to meet the challenges of grid reliability.

Germany's Energiewende Requires New Electric Infrastructure

Significant new investment in Germany’s energy infrastructure is required to enable their energy transition.

Demand Response: An Underutilized Asset in the Midwest

Supporters of clean energy appreciate demand response’s many benefits.

The Future of Minnesota’s Electric Utilities: The Sequel

Seismic changes are occurring within the electricity industry that will shape the utilities of the future.

Infrastructure Critical to Biogas as Transportation Fuel

New infrastructure is needed to enable biogas as a vehicle fuel. Fortunately, the infrastructure needed for biogas is supported by the build out occurring for compressed natural gas (CNG).

A Power Plan for the Midwest

A roadmap for dealing with disruptive challenges in the power sector and achieving a high-renewables future.

Mapping Tool Assists Long-Term Transmission Planning

A new mapping tool, called the EISPC EZ Mapping Tool, is helping to plan transmission infrastructure in the Eastern Interconnect.

Key Infrastructure Projects for Clean Energy Expansion in the Midwest

Significant progress on construction of several key transmission projects in the Upper Midwest.

Highlighting the Benefits of the CapX2020 Transmission Projects

Video highlights the significant local economic development and jobs impacts of the CapX2020 transmission projects.