Broad Coalition, Bipartisan Leadership Key to Passage of Landmark Carbon Capture Legislation

Bill's passage demonstrates strong support for a policy that will increase domestic energy production, create jobs, and reduce emissions.

Workshop Focuses on Energy Policy Trends in America’s Heartland

Leaders and experts discuss potential developments in the Southwest Power Pool.

GPI Welcomes Jill Rook

Jill Rook joins GPI as a program assistant with the fossil energy team.

Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborative tours General Motors’ Battery Lab

Tour provides unique opportunity to learn about the power behind electric vehicles.

A Quarter of the U.S. Senate Comes Together for Bipartisan Support of Carbon Capture Legislation

Legislation attracts strong support in the Senate and from industry, labor, NGO, and state government leaders.

Ethanol and Oil Production: Teaming Up to Create Domestic Value

Proposed tax legislation could align incentives for carbon capture projects and provide broad benefits.

Dirkswager Joins the Great Plains Institute

Dirkswager will work on energy efficiency, biomass, and carbon capture projects, with a focus on industrial decarbonization strategies.

New Legacy Fund Analysis Shows Long-Term Prudent Management Can Double or Triple Fund Balance

North Dakota faces a critical juncture as the state looks to address funding challenges.

New Report from DOE-sponsored Workshop on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Infrastructure

Report shares key findings from state and national experts and decision-makers.

The Time is Now for Carbon Capture Incentives

A window of opportunity is quickly closing for Congress to pass bipartisan legislation for carbon capture incentives.

GPI, Partners, Host Power Sector Trends Stakeholder Workshop

A recent workshop explored trends in the electricity sector and what those trends mean for state policy choices.

Carbon Capture Act Has Broad, Bipartisan Congressional Support

Over two dozen bipartisan co-sponsors sign on to Congressman Conaway's Carbon Capture Act.

Unique Coalition Backs Legislation to Advance CCUS

Legislation would drive innovation and investment in CCUS.

Mitigation is Not Enough

Greenhouse gas removal technologies are critical to achievement of climate targets.

China’s Xinjiang Province Holds Major Potential for Carbon Capture and Storage

Establishment of a world-class CCS hub in Xinjiang could yield significant benefits for China and the world.

Stakeholders Discuss Clean Power Plan Compliance Options in the Midcontinent

The Bipartisan Policy Center and Great Plains Institute hosted a regional workshop, “The Final Clean Power Plan: Understanding the Options for the Midcontinent,” in Little Rock, AR, on October 19 to discuss compliance options under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan.

111d Workshop Highlights Now Available

Hundreds gathered in Detroit and online to learn and discuss implementation options under EPA's Clean Power Plan.

New legislation would increase oil production & reduce carbon emissions

Legislation will benefit the environment and economy, drive innovation in energy technology, and increase energy security.

Unexpected Agreement Reached on Power Plant Regulation

A broad group of stakeholders finds areas of agreement around regulatory approaches that make sense for the Midwest.

North Dakota Oil Boom: Key Challenges Facing the State

Building continued collaboration between Norway and North Dakota.

The Pathway to Commercializing CCS

The fate of coal generation hinges on successful commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

Senators come together to achieve a win for energy security, the environment, and the economy

Bi-partisan carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) legislation will help initial projects get across the finish line and into commercial operation.