Maximizing Biogas Project Value

Given the multiple biogas project configurations and the need to bundle various economic benefits to make projects pencil out, squeezing the most value out of projects all along the supply and production chain is critical.

Biogas a Combined Heat and Power Opportunity

There is renewed interest in deploying combined heat and power (CHP) technology to improve the efficiency of the energy generation and delivery system. Biogas systems have been early adopters of CHP and are well positioned to benefit from an increased focus on CHP implementation.

Tremendous Opportunity for Increasing CHP Uptake in Midwest

There is large potential for increased CHP deployment in Midwestern states. However, to fully capture this potential there needs to be an increased level of coordination among diverse interests.

The Midwestern Combined Heat and Power Opportunity

President Obama has issued an Executive Order to increase the nation's combined heat and power capacity 50% by 2020. Reaching that goal will require collaborative efforts among business, industry, labor, government and environmental groups.