Sunrise over field

Amanda Bilek's first column for Biomass Magazine describes the incredible potential for the deployment of biogas energy systems.

Combined heat and power plant

President Obama has issued an Executive Order to increase the nation's combined heat and power capacity 50% by 2020. Reaching that goal will require collaborative efforts among business, industry, labor, government and environmental groups.

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Although the U.S. has an enormous amount of untapped potential for biogas from organic waste streams, not enough is understood about the barriers and opportunities for using swine manure as an anaerobic digestion feedstock. Research completed by GPI and the Energy Center of Wisconsin aims to lay a foundation for understanding the barriers and opportunities.

North Dakota Oil Rig

Building continued collaboration between Norway and North Dakota.

CO2 Stripping Equipment

The fate of coal generation hinges on successful commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.