Legacy Fund Initiative

With a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation, the Great Plains Institute (GPI) is convening the Legacy Fund Initiative, a diverse group of North Dakota public, private, community and nonprofit leaders and citizens who have developed a consensus vision and policy recommendations to guide the purposes, governance, investments and future expenditures of the state's oil and gas Legacy Fund.

Formed in 2010 through passage of a constitutional initiated measure, the rapidly growing Legacy Fund currently stands at $2.7 billion and has been projected conservatively to reach $6 billion by 2017, when Fund returns first become available for expenditure. Assuming no change to existing state tax treatment of oil and gas production, the principal of the Legacy Fund could reach tens of billions of dollars by 2030—in a state with a population of just 730,000 people.

Following professionally staffed and facilitated deliberations that incorporate briefing materials and expert input, the Initiative released policy recommendations in November of 2014.