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State and Federal Policy Drivers for Growing America’s Carbon Capture and CO2-­EOR Industry

This report offers readers both an in-depth look at carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery, while explaining the current policy landscape and recommendations for future action.

The report first provides background information on the formation of the Work Group and the process utilized to develop this report.

The next section of the report provides the rationale for the capture of carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial facilities and its use and storage through enhanced oil recovery as a key component of a U.S. and global energy strategy with the potential to provide economic, environmental, and national security benefits.

The subsequent sections take a detailed look at the current policy landscape and several core state and federal policy options.

The report concludes with a glossary and detailed appendices that provide state-level information on existing laws and policies related to CO2-EOR.

Appendices: State Policies 

State CO2 EOR Tax Incentives Matrix 

Appendix 1: Regulatory Authorities for CCS/CO2 EOR

Appendix 2: Rules for Long Term CO2 Storage

Appendix 3: Rules for CO2 Transport and Storage Space

Appendix 4: Rules for Clarifying the Purpose of CO2 Injection

Appendix 5: Financial Incentives for CCS