Norwegian Energy Visit to North Dakota

To continue this collaboration and return the hospitality, Norwegian leaders visited North Dakota in September 2013 to learn more about the state’s energy economy and to meet with state and local officials, energy industry executives, representatives of North Dakota’s higher education and research institutions and other stakeholders.

Energy visit participants were able to see firsthand development of the oil and gas industry in North Dakota, and other energy sectors, and to hear from industry, state and local government, agricultural, NGO and other representatives and to explore partnerships between Norway and North Dakota where advanced technology and practices can provide strong economic returns, long-term stewardship of natural resources and global leadership in hydrocarbons. 

A potential 2014 follow-up visit to Norway has been proposed to further develop partnerships involving the Universities of Bergen and Stavanger and North Dakota’s University System (including the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, and Bismarck State College).