Our Impact


The Great Plains Institute works with our partners using consensus-based strategies to discover and implement politically durable solutions to our most pressing energy and climate challenges.



Here are some examples of how our work is making an impact:


Nearly half the U.S. states working with GPI on cost-effective ways to reduce emissions


Innovative next generation utility regulation that’s better for consumers, businesses, the economy, and the environment


‘GreenStep Cities,’ helping cities of all sizes meet their sustainability goals


‘Drive Electric Minnesota,’ promoting clean electric vehicles and infrastructure


Establishment of the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, helping states & provinces verify compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standards and objectives


Lower costs for solar energy and market rules that treat clean energy fairly


Historic, bi-partisan energy agreements among Midwestern governors


The Bioeconomy Coalition, positioning Minnesota as the best place to develop advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, and biomass thermal projects


International delegations that bring the best ideas home & lay the foundation for bi-lateral partnerships