Our Work

Our Work

The Great Plains Institute works with our large and growing partner network to transform the energy system to be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

We combine our unique consensus-building approach, expert knowledge, and research and analysis to work on today’s most pressing energy and climate challenges.

To accomplish our mission, we strive for innovation in its component parts: production, distribution, and consumption.

We focus on seven major areas of work:

GPI offers a range of services and skills to clients, including facilitation, coalition building, research & analysis.
Partnering with GPI is an opportunity to identify and advance innovative solutions, from policy to technology.
GPI’s unique & proven approach - Convene. Inform. Agree. Act. - enables us to find and foster common ground where none was thought possible.
GPI’s staff and consultants have deep expertise across a wide range of energy technologies, policies and best practices.
GPI works with our partners to discover and implement politically durable solutions to our most pressing energy and climate challenges.