Energy Infrastructure

Many parts of the electric grid are antiquated, our oil dependence makes us vulnerable to price shocks; and our network of transmission lines is not robust enough to fully tap our renewable energy potential.

We need to modernize the nation’s energy infrastructure so that it can accommodate the transition to renewable and low-carbon energy. GPI’s current areas of focus include:

  • Fostering a coordinated build-out of alternative refueling stations among states and public-private interests.

  • Ensuring that needed transmission lines get built to unleash the Midwest’s vast clean energy potential.

  • Improving the knowledge base for how several technologies taken together can reduce the need for coal-fired power plants and support much higher reliance on renewable energy -  new transmission, energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, selected smart grid technologies and distributed generation.


Collaboration on Utility Regulation and Grid Modernization in Minnesota Recognized by Regional and National Media

Media highlights efforts by stakeholders to address changes in the electricity system.

GPI and Midwestern Governors Association Partner for Energy Storage Webinar Series

Webinar series will tackle key questions for deployment of energy storage technologies.

MISO Energy Storage Market Reforms Possible with Utility Complaint to FERC

Update: FERC rules on complaint from Indianapolis utility files, which could lead to changes in MISO's energy storage market.


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