International Collaboration

GPI's international collaborations provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas on critical energy and climate issues, build key relationships, and advance innovation between U.S. and international governments, companies, and organizations. GPI has organized delegations to countries including Germany, Norway, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, China, and Canada.

We foster collaboration on and adoption of “best in class” energy policies and technologies through direct exchanges between public and private leaders in the U.S. and their counterparts in countries around the world that are leading in one or more fields.

We do not aim to transplant here exactly what other countries are doing, but rather to “learn by direct experience,” show our leaders what is possible and what mistakes to avoid, and ultimately to see the U.S. adopt and adapt the best practices.


What do Sweden, the U.S., Brazil & India All Have in Common?

Recently Rolf Nordstrom had the opportunity to participate in a U.S.-Brazil-India delegation to Sweden on sustainable development.

Klimaschutz Part II: Doing Is Believing

Trip to Germany yields valuable insights and exchange of ideas on energy and climate solutions.

Klimaschutz: Learning from International Partners for Local Action

Trip to Germany yields opportunities for collaboration.


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