Renewable Energy

Our vision is an energy system that relies heavily on renewable sources of electricity and fuels for electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation. 

Areas of focus on renewable electricity include: 

  • Assisting local governments, institutions, and businesses with the implementation of sustainable practices for renewable energy.
  • Supporting renewable energy and efficiency projects in Minnesota's Twin Cities metropolitan area through the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team (Metro CERT). 
  • Advancing solar energy deployment through Grow Solar, a coordinated effort among Midwest organizations and municipalities to build an open and advantageous solar market that provides long-term benefits to communities, and by helping local governments and community institutions get solar projects up and running.
  • Enabling robust infrastructure (e.g., grid, markets, and transmission) to advance clean sources of electricity (these projects are described in our “energy infrastructure section).

Areas of focus on renewable fuels include:

  • Growing the nation’s renewable biogas and biomethane industry.
  • Turning abundant organic “wastes” into renewable energy.
  • Supporting the commercialization and scale-up of next-gen biofuels (from non-food sources).
  • Promoting bioproducts and chemicals as a growth strategy for modern biorefineries. 


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