Our goals are to accelerate the commercial deployment of domestic, low- and zero-carbon transportation fuels, improve vehicle efficiency and promote better urban development as a source of competitive advantage for companies and cities. Current priorities Include:

  • Reducing the “carbon intensity” and environmental performance of conventional biofuels.
  • Commercialization of next-gen biofuels, including biogas.
  • Fostering a coherent refueling network for advanced domestic fuels such as electricity, biofuels, biogas, natural gas, and hydrogen.
  • Partnering with Argonne National Lab to improve analytical tools for evaluating the lifecycle environmental impacts of transportation fuels. 


Analysis: Electric Vehicles Provide Even Greater GHG Reductions in 2017 and Beyond for the Upper Midwest

An update to GPI's 2016 analysis that shows increasing GHG reductions provided by electric vehicles.

Charging Up the Midwest

GPI recently partnered with several clean energy advocate organizations (Clean Fuels Ohio, Ecology Center, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Fresh Energy, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council) to form a campaign called Charge Up Midwest dedicated to increasing EV deployment in the Midwest.

Analysis: Electric Vehicles Pay Their Fair Share in State Taxes

Recent tax policy analysis by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) for Drive Electric MN found that electric cars pay just as much or more taxes as comparable gasoline vehicles.


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