Accelerating Biogas Development

The United States has an enormous amount of untapped potential for processing organic waste streams to produce renewable biogas. Biogas is a mixture of carbon dioxide, methane and other trace gases. Once biogas is produced it can be a source of renewable electricity and/or heat, be further cleaned and processed to provide a source of renewable natural gas or compressed and used as an alternative transportation fuel in vehicles designed to run on natural gas.  In addition, biogas development also provides an opportunity to more effectively manage organic waste. Great Plains Institute is working with a broad set of partners to identify policy and project development opportunities to accelerate biogas development that results in energy, environment and economic benefits. 




What do Sweden, the U.S., Brazil & India All Have in Common?

Recently Rolf Nordstrom had the opportunity to participate in a U.S.-Brazil-India delegation to Sweden on sustainable development.

Minnesota and Sweden Strengthen Bioenergy Collaboration

As part of our ongoing work with the Swedish Energy Agency, GPI organized a series of visits and meetings among Minnesotan’s and a delegation of biogas experts from Sweden.

Betting on Biogas Growth in 2016

On the biogas front, 2015 was a good year, especially when compared to activity in previous years.


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