Beyond Legacy Demand Response

Demand response entails changes in consumers' electricity usage in response to incentive payments or changes in price. Increasing the amount of flexible demand is a key component of a clean, efficienct electrical grid capable of integrating large amounts of renewable energy. The Great Plains Institute is working on implementing new regulatory and market mechanisms to incent innovation and increase demand response resources.

Demand Response Fact Sheets

GPI has created a series of fact sheets on demand response, published in Winter 2014-2014, that explore the use of DR in the Midwest.

DR Fact Sheet 1: An Introduction to Demand Response
An introduction to the topic that defines demand response and its use both in the Midwest and throughout the US.

DR Fact Sheet 2: Environmental Benefits of Demand Response
An explanation of the environmental benefits that can be provided by demand response, including: increasing energy efficiency, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy.

DR Fact Sheet 3: Demand Response in a Resource Constrained World
A discussion on how demand response can fit into the bigger picture of planning electric generation and transmission resources in a world where some energy plants are shutting down and electric demand may be growing.

DR Fact Sheet 4: Differences in Demand Response Markets
Demand response utilization can vary widely by regions within the US. This fact sheet explores the reasons behind this and points to some solutions to help DR reach its full potential in the Midwest.

DR Fact Sheet Map: Demand Response throughout the US
This map provides an interesting visual depiction of demand response resources and utilization in different regions throughout the United States.


Midwestern Governor’s Association 6th Transmission Summit Draws Engaged Crowd

Transmission summit focuses on electric grid modernization, new technology, and future challenges and opportunities.

What the Supreme Court Demand Response Decision Means for MISO

The Supreme Court’s ruling will likely have a heterogeneous effect across RTOs/ISOs.

Map of Demand Response Potential in the US

For this final blog post in our series on Demand Response (DR), we present a map about demand response potential and utilization in the US.


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