Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota

The Bioeconomy refers to the conversion of bio-based feedstock (agricultural and forestry biomass, municipal and livestock waste) into bio-based products like biofuels, renewable chemicals, and heat.

Facilitated by the Great Plains Institute, the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota brings together everyone involved in the Bioeconomy to collaborate and grow the industry, along the entire value chain from research and development to production and use. It aims to make Minnesota THE PLACE to build the Bioeconomy, adding value to our forestry, agriculture, and organic waste resources.

The Bioeconomy is an essential part of the clean energy innovation sector that contributes to economic growth and environmental and public health benefits.

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Minnesota Policy Leaders Continue to Support Bioeconomy Production Incentive

Funding for the Bioeconomy Production Incentive has been included in budget proposals from the Minnesota Governor, House, and Senate.

A Biomass Bright Spot from the 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session

Minnesota takes a significant step forward in implementing a new model for biomass establishment and utilization on agricultural lands.

Why the Iron Range Can Be the Best Place in the World for the Bioeconomy

Pitching the bioeconomy potential of Minnesota's Iron Range.


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