Commercializing Next Generation Fuels

The future of the biofuels industry lies with advanced biofuels. Key policies at the federal level encourage the transition to advanced biofuels and industry progress means that commercial-scale production will begin in 2014. Advanced biofuels promise significantly lower GHG emissions that conventional biofuels (and even lower than fossil fuels). GPI is working to assist in the commercialization of advanced biofuels by advocating for the continuation of key federal policies and the creation of supportive state policies, engaging with stakeholders to encourage the sustainable production of bioenergy feedstocks (like corn stalks and switchgrass), and educating policymakers about the advances made by industry to bring advanced biofuels to commercial-scale.


A Biomass Bright Spot from the 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session

Minnesota takes a significant step forward in implementing a new model for biomass establishment and utilization on agricultural lands.

Betting on Biogas Growth in 2016

On the biogas front, 2015 was a good year, especially when compared to activity in previous years.

Biogas Integration for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Anaerobic digesters are being co-located at cellulosic ethanol production to recover biogas from waste material and provide a source of process energy for the plant.


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