Delegation to Europe on Coal Gasification, CCS, and Climate Policy

Great Plains Institute, in partnership with the Clean Air Task Force, organized a national delegation of 27 state and local government, electric power industry, charitable foundation and environmental NGO leaders from across the U.S. to visit Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in 2007.

Sponsored by the Edgerton Foundation and the Joyce Foundation, the delegation program combined site visits to world class commercial power generation facilities with briefings from top industry and government officials that focused on: 

  • Advanced fossil electric generation technology operating commercially in Europe, notably integrated gasification-combined cycle power plants
  • Planned commercial demonstration and deployment of carbon capture and geologic sequestration (CCS)
  • Development and implementation of climate policy by the European Union and its member states

This delegation visit played an important role in informing and strengthening the policy and commercialization goals adopted by Midwestern governors for advanced coal technologies and CCS.