Eastern Interconnection Planning

The Department of Energy’s Eastern Interconnection Planning (EIPC) and Eastern Interconnection States Planning Collaborative (EISPC) processes bring together key stakeholders and experts in a first-of-a-kind effort to determine and model different policy scenarios and develop future transmission plans for the Eastern Interconnect. GPI was chosen as a member of the NGO environmental sector to help support those assumptions and scenarios which will strengthen renewable energy development in the Midwest. The EIPC has completed their initial study for DOE in December, 2012. Both EIPC and EISPC are continuing work on some specific issues that DOE has asked them to study in 2013. GPI continues to participate as both an NGO sector member in EIPC and also in conjunction with MGA in the EISPC process.


Mapping Tool Assists Long-Term Transmission Planning

A new mapping tool, called the EISPC EZ Mapping Tool, is helping to plan transmission infrastructure in the Eastern Interconnect.


Policy Associate, Electric Grid Project
Program Consultant