Measuring Fuel Emissions

The best way to gauge the impact of energy use is by measuring greenhouse gas emissions on a lifecycle basis. From fuel production at the well to combustion within an engine, lifecycle analysis of emissions provides a more complete picture of our energy system and enables policymakers to act upon informed decisions. Since 2010, the Great Plains Institute has partnered with Argonne National Lab to improve and update the GREET model, one of the leading authorities on lifecycle emission measurement. By making the model easier to use, ensuring transparent data and methodology, and updating the model to a modern software platform, GPI is helping to put accurate lifecycle measurement to a more widespread use.


Partnering with Argonne National Lab on Video Tutorials

GPI collaborates with national lab to produce video series on lifecycle GHG assessment.

Electric Vehicles Provide Large GHG Reductions in Minnesota

GPI draws on the GREET Lifecycle Model to analyze carbon intensity of EVs.


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