National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative (NEORI)

The National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative (NEORI) is a broad coalition of leaders from industry, labor, state government, and environmental groups dedicated to boosting American oil production and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through CO2-enhanced oil recovery (EOR). 

Convened by the Great Plains Institute and Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, NEORI seeks to realize CO2-EOR’s full potential as a win-win-win for the environment, energy security, and the economy. 

NEORI's recommendations were reflected in bi-partisan legislation introduced in 2012 by Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND), Mike Enzi (R-WY), and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV).  

NEORI recently welcomed new legislation introduced by Senator Jay Rockefeller that expands and reforms an existing tax credit for industries to capture CO2 for use in EOR that would pay for itself through revenues from new oil production, generating roughly $80 billion in net federal revenue over 40 years, while producing an additional 8 billion barrels of domestic oil and storing 3.5 billion tons of CO2.


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Legislation attracts strong support in the Senate and from industry, labor, NGO, and state government leaders.

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