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2016-2017 Collaboratory Pitch Board Notes

Background. After the opening plenary, the Collaboratory was structured in three sessions that culminated in a final pitch on each game changer: 

1. Round One. Participants gathered in game changer teams of 4-5 people, combining those with deep expertise on the game changer and others with knowledge from different sectors who could bring a new perspective. Given the size of the group, there were two teams working on each game changer. Each small team developed a Minnesota goal, a problem statement, and up to six actions that could be taken to move the needle on each game changer. 

2. Round Two. Teams working on the same game changer joined together to exchange ideas from the first round and develop a shared pitch including a Minnesota goal, a problem statement, a set of actions to prioritize in the coming year. Teams also identified who in the state could help move the actions forward. 

3. Pitch on each game changer to the full Collaboratory. At the closing session of the day, all participants came together to hear the pitches on each game changer. The group discussed each pitch, sharing additional ideas and guidance for how to move the actions forward in Minnesota over the coming year. 

The notes describe the ideas shared on each team’s ‘pitch board’ during rounds one and two. 

Read the full discussion of the final Collaboratory pitches for each game changer, including graphic recordings of each discussion, in the Collaboratory report here: