Nordstrom to Participate in Transatlantic Roundtable on Energy Infrastructure

MINNEAPOLIS – Great Plains Institute President & CEO Rolf Nordstrom will travel to Brussels, Belgium, this week to participate in a transatlantic roundtable focused on energy infrastructure in a low carbon future. 

“This roundtable will offer energy leaders and experts from both sides of the Atlantic the chance to discuss shared challenges and opportunities in preparing for a very different energy system—one that is lower-carbon and more decentralized. This is like moving from main frame computers to laptops; it’s an exciting time in the energy world and I’m honored to be asked to participate in this transatlantic discussion,” Nordstrom said. 

Nordstrom has previously participated in several high-level exchanges between Germany and Minnesota organized by the Center for German & European Studies at the University of Minnesota, with a similar goal of international best practice exchange. 

“International collaboration on our energy future is common sense. Access to reliable, secure, affordable and increasingly clean energy is a prerequisite for human progress no matter where you live, so mutual learning on how best to do that benefits everyone, even if each state and nation tailors its own solutions locally,” Nordstrom said.

In addition to the roundtable, Nordstrom will take part in a series of bilateral meetings with energy experts and policy makers in Brussels.

Nordstrom is participating at the invitation of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. 

The Great Plains Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that convenes and helps diverse interests forge agreement on solutions to our most important energy challenges.  Engaging partners and stakeholders at national, regional, state and community levels, our programs span a range of key priorities, including energy efficiency, energy infrastructure and markets, fossil energy, renewable energy, and transportation.


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