Beyond the projects we develop ourselves, GPI offers a range of services and skills on a fee-for-service basis to clients ranging from individual companies and government agencies to groups, associations and entire states and communities.  

Please contact us if you would like to explore a partnership opportunity or use our services for your upcoming project.

Community Planning and Implementation 

All clean energy and sustainable development is ultimately local, and GPI brings cutting edge knowledge and experience on local and regional planning and implementation to facilitate community clean energy and sustainability outcomes.  We offer consulting services for local and regional planning (comprehensive, resilience, and climate action), local ordinance and program development to meet sustainability or resilience goals, and coalition building on intergovernmental initiatives.

Design and Facilitate Diverse Stakeholder Engagement

GPI has deep expertise in designing and managing complex stakeholder processes that bring together diverse interests to provide strategic advice to the client, build consensus around particular courses of action, and/or co-create new opportunities for joint action.

Strategic Coalition Building

GPI excels in cultivating relationships with key leaders in business, government, research institutions, and non-governmental organizations, and bringing the right people together to effectively advance a new technology, industry sector, energy project, or policy.

Research and Analysis

GPI’s provides expert research, analysis and consulting to a range of private and public sector entities to advance energy technology and policy development.  This work results in white papers, fact sheets, infographics, interactive online tools, and other products that can be used to guide decision-making.

Design and Lead Energy Delegations

Whether it is touring a bioenergy facility in Minnesota or in Denmark, GPI knows the value of on-the-ground experience for building relationships and learning about new technologies, policies, and best practices.  We have experience in planning, organizing, and hosting energy policy and technology delegations in the US and abroad that yield new partnerships and opportunities. 

Community Outreach and Engagement

GPI has a proven track-record in designing and managing effective public outreach and engagement processes that give participants an authentic, meaningful opportunity to shape their energy future. We then synthesize that input into insights for business, government, academia and the nonprofit sector, illuminating areas of agreement on specific actions, and often new economic opportunities.