Eric Schroeder has overseen internal affairs of the Great Plains Institute since 2004. As chief administrative officer, Eric works closely with the president and board of directors to ensure the staff, external contractors and various operations of accounting & finance, facilities & equipment, human resources & benefits and information technology run effectively and efficiently. Eric also serves as the Treasurer of the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, Inc. ( Eric and the Great Plains Institute have been involved in the development, implementation, growth and governance of M-RETS since 2004. Prior to joining the Great Plains Institute, Eric managed operations at a small marketing fulfillment firm, worked at an international investment bank in the City of London and taught agricultural economics in a small town in Tanzania during his years in the U.S. Peace Corps. He holds an applied agricultural economics degree from the University of Minnesota-Saint Paul. Eric lives in St. Paul with his wife, two sons and one dog. In his free time Eric enjoys spending time on the North Shore of Lake Superior, downhill skiing, biking, music and puttering on their family’s 1919 Sears bungalow.