Milkeessaa joined the Great Plains Institute in 2017 as the Finance and Grant Contract Administration Accountant. He has eight plus years in the areas of accounting and finance, in a nonprofit setting. Just prior to coming to the Great Plains Institute, Milkeessaa held a position as a grant manager and accountant; purchasing card administrator; and effort coordinator at the University of Minnesota.  For much of Milkeessaa’s career, he has worked on non-sponsored and sponsored accounts including grants and contract administrations.

While holding a position as purchasing card administrator at the University of Minnesota’s Law School, Milkeessaa helped to develop and implement purchasing card policy. In his position as an accountant, Milkeessaa worked closely with the finance director for budget development and oversight. As a grant manager, he worked closely with department administrators, principal investigators, and faculties for grant and contract budget oversight and effort coordination.

Milkeessaa received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a Master’s degree in Accounting from DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management, Edina, MN.

Milkeessaa lives in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota with his wife. In his free time, he likes reading, visiting recreational areas, cleaning the yard, washing clothes, listing to radio news, TV news, watching movies, visiting relatives and friends.