Maximizing Biogas Project Value

September 25, 2015 in Carbon Management Author: Amanda Bilek

One of the greatest attributes of biogas is the flexible nature of the resource. It can be generated from a variety of organic feedstocks such as food waste, livestock manure, crop residues, biosolids, or solid waste in a landfill. It is also flexible in the utilization of the gas. Biogas can be burned for electrical generation or heat, cleaned and used as a replacement for natural gas or compressed for use as a vehicle fuel. Continue reading »

News Release: Great Plains Institute Lauds Passage of New MN Bioenergy Program

June 16, 2015 in News & Press, Transportation & Fuels Author: Amanda Bilek

Press Release Graphic

MINNEAPOLIS – The Minnesota Legislature has established a new program aimed at enabling the commercial construction of Minnesota-based facilities that will produce advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, or biomass thermal energy utilizing agriculture and forestry feedstocks.

“We are pleased that a new bioenergy program has been signed into law. The Bioeconomy Production Incentive Program received $2 million in funding for the next two years, providing a strong foundation for future project development,” said Great Plains Institute (GPI) Government Affairs Manager Amanda Bilek. Continue reading »

What’s the deal? Environmental and Bioindustry Agreement on Bioeconomy Bill

April 1, 2015 in Transportation & Fuels Authors: Amanda Bilek, Brendan Jordan

As has already been reported here and here, a major deal has been struck that brings the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota and the Minnesota Environmental Partnership together in support of an amended version of the Bioeconomy bill in Minnesota. The agreement cleared a path in the Senate Energy and Environment Committee, where it had been stalled. The bill (HF 536/ SF 517) was amended on agreed-upon terms in House and Senate committees – the text of the Senate amendment is here. The text of the agreement is here. Continue reading »

Good Policy Should Float all Bio-Boats

March 23, 2015 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Amanda Bilek

There are exciting biobased industry developments happening all across the U.S., no doubt about it. Biobased industry development is also facing its share of challenges, but significant opportunities can be found at the state and local level. In Minnesota, there are project proposals moving forward in the metropolitan area that would use anaerobic digestion (AD) to process organic material from households and institutions to produce biogas. The biogas would be cleaned and compressed to fuel garbage trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles. These projects will help metropolitan counties reach increased recycling goals and zero waste goals for the city of Minneapolis. Continue reading »

Bioeconomy Bill Advances in MN Legislature

February 24, 2015 in Transportation & Fuels Authors: Amanda Bilek, Brendan Jordan

A bill that would establish a set of production incentives for commercial deployment of advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and biomass heat was heard and passed out of two committees in the Minnesota legislatures on February 18th. HF 536/SF 517 is a legislative proposal supported by the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota, which Great Plains Institute facilities and coordinates. Continue reading »