Webinar: Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Shows Near-Term Carbon Capture and Storage Potential

July 30, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Lauren Schultz

On July 20, the Great Plains Institute and Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative hosted a webinar on the white paper, Transport Infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage: Regional Infrastructure for Midcentury Decarbonization. This report highlights the scale and design of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and transport infrastructure needed to meet US midcentury climate goals in the industrial and power sectors. The two-year modeling effort identified 418 industrial and power facilities throughout the US that can feasibly capture 360 million metric tons of CO2 per year at a relatively low cost. Continue reading »

Minnesota Carbon Capture Opportunities

March 31, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Lauren Schultz

A man speaking at the Minnesota Carbon Capture ForumEnergy, environmental, labor, and policy leaders recently hosted the Minnesota Carbon Capture Forum to inform and educate a diverse audience about the economic and environmental opportunities for the technology in the state. Below you will find audio of the event as well as other resources on how Minnesota and other US states can capitalize on this decades-tested technology.  Continue reading »