As the Center Goes, So Goes the Country

September 23, 2020 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

Rolf NordstromDear Better Energy Community,

While so much is uncertain in our country right now, I am sure of one thing; Midwestern and Gulf Coast states are essential to the economic recovery in the US.

The recovery is even more challenging with an already devastating hurricane season on the Gulf Coast, destructive wind storms in Iowa, and wildfires in the west. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by these disasters. It has added even more urgency to our already urgent work.
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Words of Thanks and Inspiration for the Class of 2020

May 15, 2020 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

rolf nordstromGPI President and CEO Rolf Nordstrom was asked to share a virtual commencement address for graduate students from the University of Minnesota’s famed Humphrey School for Public Affairs who focused their studies on science, technology, and environmental policy (STEP). Rolf shared some thoughts about the challenges before us, leadership, and pursuits beyond happiness. You can watch and read his remarks below. Continue reading »

COVID-19: A Chance to Build Back Better

April 30, 2020 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

build back better

Given the toll the current pandemic is having on our families, friends, and people around the globe, it’s hard to contemplate what the world could be like after COVID-19. However, as those on the front lines of this crisis work with such strength, resolve, and self-sacrifice, those of us working on the climate challenge have the obligation to continue our work toward a better world on the other side of this tragedy. Continue reading »

Video: The Future of Energy

November 18, 2019 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

A projection of the world at night

What will the energy system look like in 50 years? What trends are in play today that should inform business strategy, with an eye toward a long-term vision for the future? Those are the questions that I tackled in a presentation earlier this year to hundreds of top executives from Royal Vopak, a 400-year-old global tank storage company based in the Netherlands. Continue reading »

GPI Urges US Senate to Prioritize Clean Energy and Climate Legislation

October 14, 2019 in Carbon Management, News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

A view of the US CapitolThe federal government has a window of opportunity to advance clean energy legislation on a scale that could transform the nation’s ability to meet critical emissions reduction goals and lead energy innovation globally. That’s why the Great Plains Institute (GPI) joined a diverse group of 26 other national organizations in urging congressional leaders to prioritize energy and climate technology and innovation legislation this fall.  Continue reading »

Approval of a Wisconsin Transmission Project Marks a Major Milestone for Clean Energy in the Midwest

September 11, 2019 in Electricity Authors: Matt Prorok, Rolf Nordstrom

Sun shining past transmission linesIn 2007, a bipartisan group of seven governors announced ground-breaking energy and climate agreements that would go on to shape the region’s energy system. Over a decade later, Wisconsin regulators recently approved the capstone transmission project, the last in a set of 17 “multi-value transmission projects” (MVPs) across the region representing $6.5 billion in investment that grew out of those original agreementsThe MVP portfolio’s 17 projects will enable over 16 GW of wind generation to come online, delivering 52 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy throughout the MISO footprint through 2031. Put another way, without these lines, over 60 percent of the renewable energy needed to meet the region’s renewables goals through 2031 would have been curtailed.  Continue reading »