GPI Welcomes Gail Nosek as Communications Director

January 19, 2018 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

Gail Nosek

I am thrilled to welcome Gail Nosek as the Great Plains Institute’s (GPI) communications director. Gail brings significant strategic communications, public relations, social media, and multi-media journalism experience that makes her an excellent fit to lead GPI’s communications as we celebrate our 20th anniversary and look to our next 20 years of transforming the energy system. Continue reading »

Your Life Runs on It — and It Needs an Upgrade

July 26, 2017 in Electricity Author: Rolf Nordstrom

You might think this is about food, love, or coffee. Nope, this is about electricity. It’s hard to name something you’ll do today that doesn’t require it, and yet we mostly take it for granted, unless you lose power or your cell phone dies. Pause for a minute to consider that without electricity we would not have computers, TVs, microwaves, refrigeration, skyscrapers (no elevators), medicines that require refrigeration, and a very long list of other features of modern life. In short, electricity just might be the most important product you never think of. Continue reading »

Dirkswager Joins the Great Plains Institute

May 22, 2017 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

Anna Dirkswager

GPI has a long list of initiatives to advance biomass-based energy, fossil energy plus carbon capture, utilization and storage, and energy efficiency strategies for industrial and commercial facilities. Each of these strategies is important elements of GPI’s work to further industrial decarbonization strategies in key U.S. states. Continue reading »

Dutcher to Lead GPI Development Efforts

March 14, 2017 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

Amanda Dutcher

Over our nearly twenty year history, the Great Plains Institute has been extremely fortunate to be supported by a diverse group of philanthropic foundations—which today provide some 95% of GPI’s revenue—along with a small but growing group of committed individuals and institutions who believe in GPI’s nonpartisan, consensus-based approach to crafting effective, broadly-shared energy and climate solutions: now more urgent than ever. Continue reading »