Minnesota Carbon Capture Opportunities

March 31, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Lauren Schultz

A man speaking at the Minnesota Carbon Capture ForumEnergy, environmental, labor, and policy leaders recently hosted the Minnesota Carbon Capture Forum to inform and educate a diverse audience about the economic and environmental opportunities for the technology in the state. Below you will find audio of the event as well as other resources on how Minnesota and other US states can capitalize on this decades-tested technology.  Continue reading »

45Q Tax Credit Implementation Update: IRS Releases Long-Anticipated Guidance, but Questions Remain

March 6, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Patrice Lahlum

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released two pieces of guidance relating to the implementation of the reformed 45Q tax credit, relating to requirements defining beginning and continuous construction requirements for projects and a revenue procedure that establishes rules for business partnerships claiming the tax credit. Clarity and financial certainty on 45Q tax credit implementation is vital for carbon capture projects which­­ have a narrow window of time to begin before the credit’s January 1, 2024 deadline for beginning of construction.­­ Continue reading »

US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis: Brad Crabtree Responds to Questions on Reducing Industrial Emissions

January 11, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Gail Nosek

Brad Crabtree, Great Plains Institute’s (GPI’s) vice president of carbon management, was asked to testify before the US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in his role as director of the multi-sector Carbon Capture Coalition, which is convened by GPI. He spoke at the hearing, “Solving the Climate Crisis: Reducing Industrial Emissions Through US Innovation,” last fall about the critical need for economywide deployment of carbon capture to reduce industrial carbon emissions at scale. Following the hearing, the committee had a number of follow up questions, which Brad answered and submitted for the record. Those written responses can be downloaded or read below. Continue reading »

Carbon Capture 101

December 17, 2019 in Carbon Management Authors: Dane McFarlane, Elizabeth Abramson, Jennifer Christensen

An upward view of an industrial facility

Carbon capture is an essential part of GPI’s work to achieve a zero-carbon energy system by midcentury. GPI engages a broad set of interests at the state and federal levels to increase the deployment of carbon capture projects and infrastructure. We developed a carbon capture 101 fact sheet (PDF and text below) as a starting point for learning about what carbon capture is and why it’s an important economic and environmental strategy.
Continue reading »

GPI Hosts US Delegation on Steel & Carbon Capture to United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Netherlands

November 13, 2019 in Carbon Management Author: Jill Rook

A group portrait of the delegation

Representatives of US industry, labor unions, state and federal officials, environmental and clean energy NGOs, and philanthropy joined the Great Plains Institute (GPI) in September 2019 on an American public and private delegation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Belgium, and the Netherlands to explore carbon capture in steel production and see leading commercial-scale examples overseas of carbon capture and utilization projects in operation and under construction. Continue reading »

GPI Urges US Senate to Prioritize Clean Energy and Climate Legislation

October 14, 2019 in Carbon Management, News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

A view of the US CapitolThe federal government has a window of opportunity to advance clean energy legislation on a scale that could transform the nation’s ability to meet critical emissions reduction goals and lead energy innovation globally. That’s why the Great Plains Institute (GPI) joined a diverse group of 26 other national organizations in urging congressional leaders to prioritize energy and climate technology and innovation legislation this fall.  Continue reading »