Minnesota’s Legislature at a Crossroads – Accelerate the Benefits of Electric Vehicles in the State or Hit the Brakes

April 16, 2019 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Brendan Jordan

Minnesota’s emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry is at an important pivot point. After years of effort by many people and organizations, the conditions are right for growth in EV adoption with the numerous economic and clean air benefits that come with it. This is an update on the status of EV proposals currently in play at the Minnesota Legislature. Continue reading »

GPI 20th Anniversary Leadership Interview Series: Vice President Brendan Jordan, Transportation & Fuels

April 9, 2019 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Jennifer Christensen

Over the last year, the Great Plains Institute (GPI) celebrated our 20th anniversary as an organization dedicated to transforming the energy system to benefit the economy and environment. As GPI staff, partners, and supporters reflect on the progress we’ve made together and look ahead to future opportunities for even greater impact in 2019 and beyond, we’re sharing a Q&A series we’ve created with our CEO and program leadership team.  Continue reading »

Key Findings on Transportation Electrification from the Road Map to Decarbonization in the Midcontinent

April 2, 2019 in Transportation & Fuels Authors: Brendan Jordan, Franz Litz

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an essential part of the effort to decarbonize the transportation sector by midcentury. Recently, a diverse coalition of stakeholders released analysis, findings, and recommendations on how to accelerate EV adoption in “A Road Map to Decarbonization in the Midcontinent: Transportation Electrification.” This post highlights the findings from the road map, which were developed to help inform decision-making by state and local leaders, policy makers and private sector actors. Continue reading »

Aime Bita Shares Her Experience as a Capitol Pathways Intern

March 29, 2019 in News & Press, Transportation & Fuels Author: Aime Bita

My name is Aime Bita, and I am the Capitol Pathways intern for the 2019 legislative session at the Great Plains InstituteAs GPI’s Capitol Pathways intern I am working at the Minnesota State Capitol and at GPI’s office with a focus on transportation policy. This internship is a continuation of my interest in making a positive impact and pursuing new experiences.  Continue reading »

Why Electric Vehicle Taxes Are the Wrong Strategy for Minnesota

March 28, 2019 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Brendan Jordan

Minnesota Capitol

Minnesota lawmakers are considering additional new taxes and fees to electric vehicle (EV) owners. If passed as written, Minnesota would have the highest EV tax in the nation. Currently the state assesses a special $75 annual tax that is only paid by owners of fully-electric vehicles. A bill by Senator Jeff Howe proposes to raise this tax to $250 per year and add a new tax of $125 for hybrid vehicles. Continue reading »

Ride-Sharing with Electric Vehicles Brings Benefits to Drivers and Consumers

January 17, 2019 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Joe Cella

This is an exciting time in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. Tesla just posted a profit for the first time, Volkswagen is helping to build up charging infrastructure across North America, and many other auto manufacturers are committing to an EV future. EVs are gaining traction and slowly transforming car-based mobility in the United States. And here in the central US, momentum is growing with collaborative efforts to drive EV adoption and infrastructure development. Continue reading »

Innovation, Collaboration Lead to First-Ever Commercial Flight Using Low-Carbon Fuel Produced from Captured Waste Gas

January 8, 2019 in Carbon Management, Transportation & Fuels Author: Jennifer Christensen

The power of innovation and collaboration was on full display as the first-ever transatlantic, commercial flight using fuel produced from waste gases captured at a steel plant flew from Orlando, FL to London’s Gatwick airport last fall. The flight was the result of a collaboration between Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech, with support from their partner Boeing. Continue reading »