Anna Dirkswager

GPI has a long list of initiatives to advance biomass-based energy, fossil energy plus carbon capture, utilization and storage, and energy efficiency strategies for industrial and commercial facilities. Each of these strategies is important elements of GPI’s work to further industrial decarbonization strategies in key U.S. states.

We are thrilled to have Anna Dirkswager join our team to work with industry stakeholders (especially large commercial and industrial customers), policymakers, and project developers to improve the economic and regulatory environment for both energy efficiency and carbon capture projects.

Dirkswager comes to GPI with deep expertise in bioindustrial development, biomass, forestry, clean energy, and energy efficiency. Prior to joining GPI, Dirkswager worked at Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) as the Manager of Business Development and Programming and focused her time on working with businesses to develop and advance market opportunities for Minnesota’s clean energy businesses.

Before working with CEEM, Dirkswager worked at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the Division of Forestry as the Biomass and Renewable Energy Consultant.  During that time, Dirkswager spent seven years leading division and department efforts related to forest economic development opportunities, renewable energy policy advancement and its relationship to forest resources, and biomass resource assessment and program development.

Recently, GPI secured funding from the MacArthur Foundation to develop a national strategy for deploying biomass resources to reduce emissions, identify state and federal policy levers to increase bioenergy utilization nationwide, and identify opportunities to capture and store or utilize biogenic carbon sources. Anna’s background and issue expertise made her an ideal fit to be part of the team that will execute on these goals.

We are also thrilled that Anna will be leading GPI’s industrial energy efficiency efforts to advance policy and regulatory improvements in key Midwestern states and increase industrial energy efficiency deployment by hard-to-reach and underserved customers.

Please join me in welcoming Anna to GPI!

If you would like to connect with Anna and learn more about the work she will be doing at GPI you can reach her at [email protected].

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