Amanda Dutcher

Over our nearly twenty year history, the Great Plains Institute has been extremely fortunate to be supported by a diverse group of philanthropic foundations—which today provide some 95% of GPI’s revenue—along with a small but growing group of committed individuals and institutions who believe in GPI’s nonpartisan, consensus-based approach to crafting effective, broadly-shared energy and climate solutions: now more urgent than ever.

As deeply grateful as we are for this support, my GPI colleagues are constantly coming up with new high-impact projects that we could pursue if only we had the resources to launch them. To make this possible means increasing our ability to connect with people and institutions who share our passion for a sustainable, low-carbon energy system and want that to be a part of their legacy.

To help us build lasting relationships with these individuals and organizations, I am pleased to announce that we have promoted from within and asked our own Amanda Dutcher to take on the important role of Development Manager for GPI. You’ll love getting to know her in the coming weeks and months; she’s smart, personable, and passionate about GPI’s work in the world.

Amanda joined GPI in 2015 and served previously as our Administrative Manager and Event Planner. In this position, Amanda has developed strong relationships with our program staff, Board of Directors, Executive Advisory Council, and our partner network. Amanda’s familiarity with our program work and her existing relationships across and outside of the organization coupled with the leadership and commitment she has demonstrated made her an ideal candidate.

As Development Manager, Amanda will plan and launch strategies and systems that make it easy and irresistible to make GPI part of your philanthropic giving whether you’re an interested individual or a committed institution.

If you would like to congratulate Amanda – or inquire about how you or your organization can support GPI – you can reach her at 612-278-7159 or [email protected].

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